As you have all been made "Artists in Residence" We ask that you post your work on our Facebook Group page.  We have created a "Corona Gallery" under the membership page. Please visit the page.

Also:  Post your new work here: Visual Arts of Prosper Facebook Group.



Friends, as you know, we have been discussing ideas on how we can keep our art group together over the summer without having formal meetings. We want to support each other while exploring new artistic ideas and learning new technologies.
Thanks to our very talented artists who are willing to share their knowledge, Here are a few ideas that may inspire you and be of interest.
  1. THE “ IDEA BOOK” Sherry Barber will teach us how to put together a book . There will be a small fee for the materials Sherry will provide.
Choose the date: Monday, June 1 , 6:30 pm
Or. Saturday June 27, 10:00am
Please RSVP to Sherry ASAP
Many ideas were discussed in how this book can be used - as a sketchbook, notebook of ideas, a journal, process and progress of your work, value study, tangles, to name a few. perhaps you can offer another way you could use this book?
  1. TANGLE CHALLENGE - Sue Haberer will continue to post tangles and directions every two weeks. Since there is no contest you can draw at your leisure but when you finish one, send it to Sue and it will be posted on our website.
In the Fall, when we hopefully will be together again, we can share our Idea Book. Perhaps the ideas you have will be incorporated as a large artwork. We would like to see that also. And, we will also find a way to share on our website.
Meantime, have fun exploring your creativity!

September 20- Watercolor with Andre

I will give a short talk prior to my watercolor demo. The talk shall be how to approach doing a watercolor
"on field site" or "en plein eir". It will be about materials to use, how to approach doing  a watercolor
at the open site or "en plein air" as some calls it. To make things easier and to save time at the meeting I will
have the subject matter already drawn on the watercolor paper and the value study sketch already drawn.
I will bring my board, watercolor paper, tapes, knife, brushes, pencils, water cans, blower, watercolors,
watercolor palette, and other things needed for the demo.
Attached is a photograph you requested. It is very hard for me to have a photo of each item. I hope this
photograph will suffice.
The photograph shows a watercolor board, the value study sketch, 3 watercolor brushes, 3 watercolor tubes
and my watercolor palette.


Hopefully we will be able to meet in person come September.

Meeting space will open at 6:45 to allow you to connect and socialize.    

7:00 pm   Members Business Meeting


7:30-8:30pm   Demo Artist:      

_DSC0647 Old Wood Boat
ANdre Salvador-Vendors at the Shoreline

All are welcome!  For more information contact


On January 28, 2019 three artists met at a little café in downtown Prosper.  The gathering was the result of an online neighborly chat regarding the love for art as well as a desire to meet other like-minded artists who were new to the area.

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