Our History

On January 28, 2019 three artists met at a little café in downtown Prosper.  The gathering was the result of an online neighborly chat regarding the love for art as well as a desire to meet other like-minded artists who were new to the area. They were enthused and quickly began meeting twice a month. Many local artists arrived at the meetings, and by August of 2019 the group had grown to twenty-six members from the surrounding communities. Activities for our meetings evolved in a natural way and as the result of ideas offered by attending artists.

Our Mission Statement

The Visual Arts of Prosper is dedicated to the charitable and educational purposes of developing, promoting, exhibiting and operating programs which will advance the creative arts in the community. Our vision is to motivate, inspire and nurture the artistic abilities in each of us and to further the development of art in the community.


General Meeting Information

  • Active:
    September through May

    • Zoom or In person: Check website monthly
  • Agenda:

    7…00-8:30: See Meeting Agenda

Visual Arts of Prosper Board

President  ·  Toni Wengler
Vice President  ·  
Treasurer  ·  Sherry Barber
Secretary  ·  Sue Haberer

Webmaster  ·  Sherry Barber

Advisor  ·  Ken Wengler

Our Sponsors

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