Feb. 28, 2020


Andre’ A. Salvador immigrated to USA in 1970. He formed his own architectural

office after completing years of local practice and passing the National Council

Of Architectural Registration Board in 1980.


Andre’ practiced as an architect in San Francisco Bay Area from 1970 to 2003.

After his retirement, he turned to travel, watercolor painting and photography

work to occupy his time.


As an architect Andre’ was introduced to transparent and opaque watercolor mediums

at college. But in architecture the drawings and presentations are “hard and precise”.

It took him 5 years to learn and free himself from the structured and disciplined

influence of architectural drawings and presentations.


Andre’ was an active member of the California Watercolor Association from 2012 to 2016. He moved to Prosper, Texas on May 2016, for health and family reasons.


“The true artist: draws out all from his heart,

works with delight, makes things with calm,

with sagacity, works like a true Toltec,

composes his objects, works dexterously,

arranges materials, adorns them,

makes them adjust, invents.”


“Toltec” was translated from Spanish by Denise Levertov