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October's Art of the Month is Stephanie Colley with Coco

Jeannie Simmons-Coco in Acrylic (5)

September's winner of Art of the Month:

A Place of Beauty by Toni Wengler

A Place of Beauty-TW

Submissions for September's Art of the Month

May winner of Art of the Month:

Vendors at the Shoreline by Andre Salvador

Transparent Watercolor, 17 x 17"

ANdre Salvador-Vendors at the Shoreline

April's Art of the Month

Sonoma Heat by Sherry Barber

16 x 12" Pastel on sanded paper

Sonoma Heat

March Art of the Month

by Jeanie Simmons

March art of te month-Jeanie Simmons

February Art of the Month 2

Lion and the Lamb by Stephanie Colley

8x 10" Watercolor on Arches 140# Cold Press

Feb2_S_Colley-Lion & Lamb to post